Hot Cover: Deathstroke Inc #1

Love me some Adam Hughes

Deathstroke Inc #1 (Cover C - Adam Hughes Card Stock Variant)


I buy maybe, maybe … 1 to 2 new comics per year just based on cover.
Guess what I just did with this book? - I just hit my quota :rofl:

I get it’s a Hughes cover but what’s the spec on it? I went for the zaffino foil cover. I think it looks better and maybe because i just like like shiny things like a crow.

Sometimes known artists and their covers just heat up due to the cover art alone. :slight_smile:

It’s a stretch now though for Hughes, he’s got his fans but his covers are usually not hard to come by. It’s more of the buy it cause you like it cover.

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No spec on the book. I liked the cover and thought I would share. I think it’s a hot cover. I also ordered the foil team variant.

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Maybe you confused them then for putting it in the Comic Speculation & Rumors category and it should have just gone in the Comics > DC category? :wink:

It’s still speculation in the fact that Adam Hughes covers do well. Too many damn categories. But not a first appearance or rumblings about the book.

Heh, I feel the same way but also feel there’s not too many. Pick the best suitable and leave it at that but I was just giving you grief… you put in a spec category then say there’s no spec, then say it’s still speculation… you flip flop as much as I do… I’m gonna create a new category called… “It’s not Spec but it’s still Spec”… :wink:

I like the cover - Hughes fan. Probably not for spec. Theres a bunch of Vampiverse covers by Hughes also on the TFAW site - again prob. no spec but looks good. I’m surprised that I dont see any Campbell covers - except for the Chaos Foil cover ($$$).

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