Hot Covers: She Hulk 2

These theme of the month covers always draw me in on at least one cover. Here is a David Nakayama cover that I like for several reasons.

  1. Wolverine
  2. Gwen as Wolverine
  3. David Nakayam has a good following.

Thinking I can flip it for a few extra bucks.
She-Hulk #2 Nakayama X-Gwen


This is an instance where art is subjective and I am on the opposite side of the fence.

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Initially thought it was a JSC one, but yes still looks good. In for one only though, because it will be probably heavily ordered. Also, not a fan of the blond hair color combination with the rest of the color palate, AND very tired of the Gwen variants.

Man that purple and green lettering be f*cking up a lot of nice covers.

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Hasn’t there already been a Gwenverine? I don’t care enough to look. :joy: #lazy

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It is ok to disagree. Art is subjective. I not only buy things I like but things I think others will want.