Hot Shot Comics

Anyone on here have any dealings with this company? Been thinking about buying a few pre-order 9.8s and wondered if they are good to buy from?

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I’ve only ever ordered from them off of Ebay. The 9.8 wasn’t a pre-sale, it was already in-hand. But everything arrived as expected.

Ordered once. Took a long time to get the books (that’s on CGC), but things arrived eventually and as expected. I think if you buy 3 slabs (or maybe just spend over $100), shipping is free. FYI.

I preordered from them once, but won’t ever again. One of the books was a Thor 5 that I never received. That book got hot due to the black winter hype and I noticed they were selling them for well over $100 after they received them back from CGC. I received all the other books from my order except that one. After several messages sent with no response, I finally got a refund after calling them out on social media. I have been using Slabbed Heroes and have had no issues with them. The majority of their preorder slabs are BOGO 1/2 off.


I preordered a 9.8 Star Wars High Republic #1 from them, I am still waiting.

I mean they seem to make the bulk of their money off comics that aren’t actually worth shit… Take your chance on a comic that might be worth something and it will probably end up being out of stock. They get everything graded and then prey on suckers…

Thanks all. Why do companies do badly to customers for a short term gain? Replies here have totally put me off. Lose trust, lose everything!

It’s not a bad business plan.

Retailers buy books for $2.00 and sell them for $4.00. They likely have retailer account, buy books, submit for grading and making probably $5 to $15 per book depending on how much they’re paying for each slab and shipping, etc.

It’s not a bad business plan at all. Its just a gamble both ways on a presell and when you get a history of not fulfilling when it’s in your favor that’s bad.

I preordered the MARVEL #6 1:25 BERMEJO VARIANT in 9.8 on 3/16… waiting for it.

I pre-ordered a slabbed Star Wars High Republic #1 (Second Print) from Dynmaic Forces in January. Still no slab and no response to an enquiry - in fact my email bounced back…

I never bother with Dynamic Forces. It’s a crap shoot and all you’re doing is giving the retailer who takes the money up front on the pre-order a small loan… I can only imagine that Dynamic Forces takes so long on some books, some shops might actually go out of business before they’re ever shipped, thus making the pre-order customers the real losers in the deal.


I know this thread is super old but do not ever ever ever bother buying from that guy. Unless he already has a book because he does fulfill orders :man_shrugging:t2::crazy_face:but he’s the type of seller that when there’s a problem or he decides not to send you his books, you aren’t getting your money or response or anything. In fact the more you ask the more insulted you will get. I’m really not even sure how he can sleep at night acting the way he does. Total shame people like this use up precious oxygen.

Appreciate the heads up mate!