Hot Stuff Harvey Comics

Hey guys, been a LLOONNGG time since I posted, but I’m selling off a bunch of my collection and found a copy of “Hot Stuff #1” Volume 1 from 1957/58, Harvey Comics.

I can’t find any recent sales on this thing, and the only other eBay listing is for the Spanish Version of it, raw, for $2800.00!

I’m thinking, based on condition and info on that it’s about a 500.00 book…?

Thoughts? Any suggestions on where to sell it? Doesn’t seem like eBay is a good place….unless people just haven’t listed any of these on there.

last sale…

Dang! Couldn’t find anything—but I’m using mobile app….you think my copy could 500.00? I think it’s probably less based on this sale… input appreciated and thanks for finding that info for me

This looks in worse shape than the other one that just sold. Seems unlikely this is worth $500.

Got it, yeah, I don’t know a ton about golden age so that’s helpful….I’m sure I’ll get something out of it—thanks everyone for the input and info!