Hot Toys 2021 Toy Fair Exclusive Cyborg Spider-Man

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If I was a Hot toy person this looks incredible

I’m super super selective about Hot Toys. I just posted the Armorer on another thread. She looks amazing, but I have Rex and Clone Wars Maul coming. Plus I already have a Black Series armorer.

So, Hot Toys Armorer is just a pretty picture I get to look at. Although, these are Toy Fair exclusives. They usually skyrocket in value once inventory dries up. Could take a while. Dark Side Anakin sat for a year or two in Sideshow’s inventory if I remember correctly.

Cyborg Spidey just looks like a Liefeld-ized Spidey.

Eril Larsen actually but close enough lol

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I like Erik Larsen’s stuff…

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I dig that look. I actually have the book somewhere

One of my favorite covers and action figures