Hot Toys Announce Batman Begins1/6th Scale Batmobile


Damn that’s beautiful… and I know its gonna cost a grip.

$625. for the Batmobile, $255 for Christian Bale.

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He’s a good looking man… I’d totally spend that much for Christian Bale… :rainbow_flag:


I need a man more in touch with his gentler side and less prone to bursts of anger and yelling. No price is good enough for that type of emotional abuse.

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He’s actually a nice guy from what I’ve heard. He’s a perfectionist when it comes to acting and honestly, he probably went a little overboard but when you take your work to that level of trying to do your absolute best and some dumbass is off knocking shit over, making noise, distracting you while you’re trying to do a shoot without any mess ups, I’d probably lose my shit after X amount of times too…

I mean, a couple more @Anthony not adding his topics with categories I’m gonna lose my shit on him… :wink: