Hot Toys Buzz Lightyear 1/6 Scale Figure Teased

Ok. Lightyear is a good film. I’m not sure where the critics are coming from, but it’s a really fun journey.

Buzz is an obviously flawed character. He has a hero complex and doesn’t allow anybody to help. Through the film, he progresses through learning moments and finishes out fixing this character flaw.

On the way, he’s joined by a hilarious cat. The antics and gimmicks are a bit simple at times, but sitting with a theater full of kids, I appreciated that. We got some laser swords, some rocket boosters, teleporting, and some of the physics gags you’d expect from all of that.

Zurg shows up and he perfectly foils Buzz’s on his character’s journey.

Yes there is some existential dread with Buzz skipping ahead 4 years every time he goes on a test flight, but that is all done by 10-15 minutes into the show. The rest is a pretty run of the mill tale that teaches teamwork and gratitude for what you have in life.

Run of the mill Pixar is still remarkably good, so I’m not sure what anybody is complaining about.

Thoughts on this @TheTinHat ?

It’s a flock cat. That’s easily a must have for Funko collectors down the line. It didn’t sell out right away, but never doubt the power of a flocked cat. If you do get some, tuck them away :+1:

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