Hot Toys Mandalorian 1/6 Scale Dark Trooper

So, this is happening:


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Hmmmmmm…Battlestar Galactica…

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Those were badass until Luke crushed them like tin cans with relative ease… :stuck_out_tongue:


It was good to see Luke restored to post-ROTJ badassery:

I will admit, as a kid I always yearned for more Luke becoming a bigger badass yet never got those movies after ROTJ… so I know the CGI wasn’t superior but I was super stoked with the last episode of the Mandalorian. It’s stuff like that scene I’ve been waiting almost 35 years to see…


Don’t collect Hot Toys, but these look awesome!

Him coming back was my biggest fear that was masterfully executed and turned into everything 9-year-old Wooky ever wanted.

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