Hottest books of 2021 Q1

So, what were the best open order books to grab in the first quarter of 2021? Which books did you go big on? Which ones have the best chance for short/long term value?

I’ll start a few:

Star Wars High Republic 1, the Hans variant, and the 2nd print have all held some solid value. This feels like the winner of 2021 so far.

Future State: Teen Titans 1

Batman 106

The good thing about these three is that they all had good covers to boot.

What else are you all feeling good about?


We Live #5


Nottingham #1

Totally agree on Nottingham 1. Raws quietly creeping higher and higher some even priced at $75 :thinking:

Do you know if any Mad Cave properties have gotten optioned or made into shows/movies? I don’t think I have heard of any. Just curious.


Why the hype on we live? Key issue or under printed?

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Key :slight_smile: It was good.

“Taskmaster,” has just been a damn good series as it is.

I do not do store variants, but that Women of Marvel #1 is hot fire!

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Definitely a key and low print numbers. It’s rare for a non #1 issue to be a key in an Indy series.

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I didn’t read open order sorry, open orders high republic Hans, Darth Vader Ochi, Daredevil 25, Star Wars insider 200

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I believe the op was asking about hottest books that came out in Q1 of 2021. :point_down:

Darth Vader Ochi? Issue 6? That was last year right?

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Ha. Yeah, my intent was a post about open order books released in Q1. All good though.


Back on topic! I removed posts so the topic isn’t completely trashed with nonsense.

This one did ok…

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I vote Nottingham #1. This one is big and gaining steam it appears.

I missed the boat on Nottingham. Man, Indies are so hard to predict.


And also, store variants aren’t open ordered books either. :wink: