House of the Dragon

Anyone watching this? Just found out Game of Thrones was back yesterday. This series fell completely off the map.

Thought the first episode was enjoyable. I’m going in with little expectations. Seeing George RR Martin’s name attached to it is enough to make my stomach turn.

I watched it last night, was a decent enough entry. Seemed pretty fast paced and fan servicey at some points, but overall an okay pilot episode.

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Haven’t watched it. I just started GOT for the 1st time (yes …. 1st time). Witcher is still my fav series.

If you watched Witcher before GOT, it will be super slow paced for you but amazing. Witcher is one of my favs too, they’ve done a great job so far.

I just do not watch or read a lot of fantasy so I have never even watched GOT. I ought to at least give it a chance.

Liked it. A good start. I also have no pre-conceived ideas, so just taking it in fresh, like She-Hulk.

Ratings are in, nearly 10 million viewers in the US alone. Many more millions around the world making it the highest premiere in HBO history. By comparison the premiere of GOT did 2.2 million.

Does that include the season premieres of GOT? Or are they only comparing new series’ premieres?

I think it meant when GOT first premiered. I believe the season premieres of the following seasons got progressively better.

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Looked it up. Season 8 of GOT premiere did 17.4 million, 11.8M on HBO and the rest streaming on the app.

I liked the season premiere. It’s not grandiose nor fan-servicey for me. It setup the key players in the series pretty well. It didn’t show off as this is THIS from THAT.

My nitpick was the mushy CGI backdrops on their exterior scenes.

Just watched EP1, and damn. Just like that I’m pulled back in. I really liked it. A few nods to GOT. Tense already.



Loved EP 2. The acting was incredible, really intense performances by the actors/actresses. Having not read any of the books I can’t wait to see where all this is heading. I’m finding myself caring so much more for the characters in this show than I do GOT. It’s only been 2 episodes and it’s been awesome so far.


I’m glad they went back to the original song.


oh my god! I really like it. The cast is perfect!! watch it.

Ser Criston is the biggest bozo I’ve ever seen in my life. SMH


Agree, but I suppose it’s his strength of love. It’s stupid but still. She seduced him.

I had a hard time staying awake through the first episode and that was directly after a nap. I’ll continue watching it though.

Not that I don’t like the first episode, but I have read the story the show is based off of and it is just going to be very similar to the first show. I guess I am just looking for something a little different.

Not a bad thing if they didn’t butcher the ending to the first series. I’m seeing this new series as a second chance. Want to erase the first series from my consciousness for all of eternity.

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