House of X #4

Does anyone think the deaths will stick in this reboot? I don’t see a lot of chatter on here about them and they were pretty big deaths in the X-men universe.

So the reason I don’t think so is that I already have seen those characters on covers/solications etc for future books? I get that there can be various realities/timelines, etc…but I can’t see moving forward on any X-men titles without the majority of the “heavy hitters”.

Also, since that is just one “possible timeline” it can easily be explained away and such.

I have to admit, I lost track of the timelines a bit…is that current part (#4) within Moira’s 9th timeline? As Destiny indicated there can be a possible 10th?

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As an after thought, I also though the “deaths” were done very well. They weren’t gratuitous. Not a lot of chatter but some very emotion filled text bubbles. If you have to see that sort of thing in a comic with heroes you love (at least for me)…that was about as good as it gets imo.

I really, really enjoy this series regardless of where it ends up…it’s been a great ride.


Death of the Pod-Men. I’m betting these are the X-Men hatched by Ultimate Universes Reed Richards pretending to be Professor X. I’m still expecting the real X-Men to show up to save the day in #6 back finally from AOX.

Will #4 on be more heavily ordered than 2 & 3 were, and the prices won’t go so high?

#4, 5 and #6 for HOX&POX did NOT have extra discounts offered to stores that issues 1 thru 3 did so it would be a safe guess to assume they would be ordered in smaller qty than the first 3 issues. In my case that’s exactly what happened with #4 and #5 being on the same order form the same month, both will be the issues we have the LEAST qty of copies ordered. I bumped #6 for both titles a little higher based on sales but this wasn’t known at the time the initial orders were submitted for #4 and #5.

Thanks, I hadn’t seen the previews for the new books yet. Has been a bit confusing trying to figure out what is happening.