House of X powers of X 1st app

A free preview is being sent to retailers in this weeks shipment. This free preview has the first app of a new mutant as seen on covers as well as a new Bad guy(girl).

This is a free hand out. Do you think it could be a “key” issue?


The market works in mysterious ways but unless it’s an ashcan type of preview, I don’t consider these firsts, especially if it ends up being the type of preview in the back of a half dozen books a week before it’e released.

4 pages each , 2 story’s. Then interviews and character drawings. It’s a great freebie, but I don’t know.

Someone somewhere will say it is and get paid by someone who thinks it counts. Expect a print run between 50 to 150,000 copies though so it probably will not go huge dollars but an occasional $5 to 10 isn’t impossible. You can’t get what you’re scared to ask for. Just yesterday I saw people trying to get $7 for Image First $1 Paper Girls.

All the power to them if they are selling for that much.

It wont be sought by the masses, but there is definitely a niche market for 1st appearance in print (promos, ads, etc).

I sold a few of those Image Plus with Oblivion song for $10 to $15. I bought an extra stack for the back just in case. Cheap investment equals no worries waiting.