House/Powers Of X - massive plothole?

Spoilers follow… Turn back if you haven’t read the books

After reading how the x-men get resurrected, how is it possible that wolverine gets his adamantium skeleton back?

It makes comic sense that they can regenerate the body, but he wasn’t born with adamantium, If his body is being grown, admantium isn’t just growing with him.

Am I missing something?

possibly due to a reality warp on steroids via proteus and hope.

but its generally not worth thinking about the millions of plot holes in marvel/dc books…its too easy, theres too many, and everyone can/has done it so often there isn’t anything left of the dead horses corpse to beat.

It makes it easier to accept when you realize that all of these stories are fictional. Like the kid in the Matrix movie… “There is no spoon!” :wink: