How do ratios work when ordering through Diamond?

Do the ratio copies count towards the next ratio book? If I buy 19 copies of Cover A and 1 copy of 1:10 can I buy the 1:20? OR do the open-order covers only go towards unlocking the incentives? Thank you.

Buying ratios do NOT count towards buying a higher ratio. Only the open-order covers count towards buying ratios.

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Thanks for clearing that up for me!

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Do they have to buy he nice rice at the same price, or is it just given to them as it is an incentive.

If they have to buy it, kind of feels like someone who charges $5 shipping on a comic that cost $1000.

I do believe some incentives are given for free. Depends on the publishers. I think IDW and BOOM! once qualified for some will get the RI at no cost. I think Marvel is say, if it’s a 1:50 ratio variant, you can now buy 1 after you buy 50 copies of the others at the discount rate just like the others. Gotta buy 50 more to get another 1:50…

I’m sure @monopolyjackson can clarify but different strokes for different publisher folks at least to my understanding of most ratio variant incentives…

You are correct. Some publishers charge for inventive variants, some do not. Dynamite, Image, Marvel and DC all charge cover price for incentive variants. I think Boom doesnt charge.

And those ratios, for those that don’t give them for free, are wholesaled at cover price, minus the retailers Diamond discount.