How Do You All Do Shipping?

I know there are articles & YouTube videos, but I’d really like to hear from you all.

  1. What printer set up do you use? The thermal printers with adhesive labels look really perfect, but maybe just a regular ole printer and paper is fine (and cheaper)?
  2. Do you just use the USPS click & ship or the labels from eBay/Mercari?

I’ve ordered Geminis… I’m fine with proper packing. I just want to make the whole label and paying for shipping as easy as I can.

Made the decision to start parting with doubles. I can’t keep up with grading everything (slabs) and figure I’ll sell some raw books. Not as a habit or constant deal, but just to make some space.

Thanks for any advice.


I use the printer to print the shipping label then tape it. I use the ebay, paypal and sometimes Pirate ship to create the labels. I never had a problem.

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For ebay I use their shipping as it gives discounts. If I ship something outside of ebay I use I think the discounts are the same for the two, so it’s more about convenience.

Don’t buy through or any more.

I have a scale that weighs up to 5 lbs.

My wife bought me a thermal printer for x-mas and that is nice. Doesn’t use ink…she got tired of me using her printer.

I rarely ship more than 1 comic per order, and probably ship 5 comics on average a week.


I use USPS first class up to 3 comics, then FedEx legal one rate envelopes for up to 10 books depending on thickness. After that it’s FedEx one rate small / medium / large boxes depending on what it is. 20+ books are most likely going FedEx home delivery.

I feel like FedEx takes care of my packages better, but I could be totally wrong and they just don’t toss them as much or as hard. :man_shrugging:

I do between 50-100 shipments a week without any issues (knock on wood)

I use a rollo thermal printer, and definitely either use eBay or pirateship to get a discount on shipping.


I have been using a simple HP printer. I usually get 7 to 10 years out of them. I thought of printing with the sticker labels but decided to just keep printing the labels out and then taping them on. I am lucky that my girlfriend does taping of the labels and boxes. I usually do the packing part. Besides the comics, I sell Star Wars figures, vintage toys, books and Pyrex dishes that my girlfriend finds. Plus now the 3d printed miniatures. We usually do 5 to 15 shipments a week. I have slowed down on the comic collecting and selling lately.

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