How many New Agents of Atlas variants did you get?

All the standard covers ordered were doubled for free so there’s now twice as many in the market as there should have been.

Another spec is also claiming the variants were automatically doubled as well. I never saw a notice from Diamond for that.

not sure if the Variants were doubled…if they were …ohhh boyyyyyy lol

Hoping someone can verify that ordered enough. I thought I had based on early hype but apparently got cold feet and backed out down to a smaller number at FOC which still got doubled so now I have to go back and order more #2 to match up and make complete sets.

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One of the shops I go to only ordered 14… No variants from him.

I’m not sure how many people they’ve let over to read here yet but hopefully someone will know and share. I’ll try to ask Diamond on the phone directly tomorrow but I’m pretty sure they would have mentioned doubling the ratio variants since it would require a different order code to get them shipped than the standards that was in the announcement. So far I’ve had one person say they wouldn’t here and another e-mail half the planet that they did.

I’ll be picking up at least one standard cover and connecting variant a shop of mine was happy to hold. Will browse another store or two for hopefully more.

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According to a phone call to Diamond the orders for ratio variants was not doubled. Just the standard cover which has them selling under cover price right now on E-Bay.

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My LCS got a ton of copies but only a few variants. I picked up a couple from pre-order at midtown.

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I asked for all the variants at my LCS a couple months ago. I also ordered the ComicOdessy set but I had a problem. The guy in the PH picked my set up but his CONDO had a water leak and somehow my virgin got damaged. I’m furious about it cause it’s above $200 on ebay. and sold out everywhere else it was offered. He got it signed and said he will attempt to get it pressed out and refund me, but $25 for a book thats pushing $200? Nah, doesn’t fly with me really.

I have 5 copies of every variant up to (1:25) in my pull box though. I did post my 1:25 on ebay at - hoping it will pay for a future week of regular grabs.

He got it signed and said he will attempt to get it pressed out and refund me, but $25 for a book thats pushing $200? Nah, doesn’t fly with me really.

Trying to understand here,
He’s giving you your money back for an item that was damaged,
He’s giving you the damaged item for free
He got it signed for you even though it’s damaged
He’s going to press it for you for free to make it more visually acceptable

All of that’s not good enough?

Would you have been happy with all of that and a $12.50 refund if that was what the item was selling for on E-bay as an excuse for under refunding?

I was attempting to get a “clean” high grade copy signed for my wall. I don’t think a pressed water damaged book won’t grade high. I’ll have to scout elsewhere for a book that’s in my price range.
This is the most economical priced one I have seen on ebay.

It just sounds like someone who just suffered a loss of a sale or more, suffered water damage and has to deal with cleanup and unknown repair expenses in a third world country routinely ravaged by typhoons and political turmoil could only “fly with” you by giving you back 8 times what you paid if $25 was the cost as it sounds.

Sounds like he went above and beyond to do what he could to make it as good as he could. Life happens. Wasn’t it just last year fires were burning down big chunks of California whether people had comic books sold they had to ship or not. It’s a sad thing all the way around but understandable. Life happens. Even if it hadn’t something could have happened in shipping it to you. Would the post office have kicked in $200 in insurance on a $25 item just because the current selling price was up?

We forgive and move on. If it’s meant to be at some point you’ll find another copy in a price range you can be happy about. You may not get $200 for the copy you’re getting but if prices are high you should still get a nice resell potential for free that can be turned into other investments to help fund the copy that’ll turn up down the road.

No, they won’t. What’s covered is the invoiced and paid price. They do not change claims based on market price.

I ordered the Comicodessy set from Sadlemoncomics out of the UK anyone have any idea when those will be shipped. They didn’t list a shipping date on their website.

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Welcome. Not sure. Hit Simon up on Facebook. He is great at getting back to people. I have ordered from him a bunch of times and I am over in the states.

my total AoA order is 5 cover A, 4 1:25, 2 1:50, wave mico set, 1 cover A 9.8, 1 1:25 2nd print 9.8, and today i bought a 1:25 for issue #2

Thanks for the info!! Would the later printings be better to own?