How to know when comics in your collection POP?

Is there a tool out there that track’s your collection and can notify you when particular issues surge in price? (by using eBay sales figures perhaps)

Or even a website that generically tracks issues that are popping in value (which you can then compare to your collection tracker).

Or is it all about staying on top of the latest comic news? That might suck for somebody who stops investing.

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I would say you would have to pay attention to what tv shows or movies coming out that could be related to a comic. This forum is good tool to use and so is the Cover Price website. It follows the sales of comics. Check them out and see if any of there services might be good for you.

We run the CovrPrice top 10 on the main site, which is a good tool, Key collector does as well, those both cost money (not when we run the lists)

Look at the forums, people mention books all the time. Look at the main site for options news.


It’s pretty expensive and has a bit of a learning curve, but ComicBase is also an option.

I use CovrPrice as my online collection database. Depending on the size of your collection it will be a considerable time committment on your part to enter all of your books.

It’s not exact or perfect, but you definitely know pretty quickly what is hot.
And as was mentioned above, it is a pay service with an annual fee.

Thanks guys. I have never checked out CovrPrice before… will do so.

I use, problem is the prices do not update quickly

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CLZ comics is an app that you can use to database your comics it does tell you which is the most valuable books and when you update the pricing data it shows a list of which books that went up in value and by how much. It does cost I think $7.99 a year.

It goes by go collect pricing which is priced by graded sales I think. Correct me if I’m wrong.

I use as well. If you invest the time to upload your inventory, you can run reports from within your account. It’ll show your specific books that have moved (up or down) in the previous 30 days I believe. Prices are mainly changed after users bring attention to specific books in the Price Check on Aisle X forum so it’s not perfect, but a tool I find very useful.

That’s what I use in addition to Anthony posting the top 10/runners up on Thursday evening, and checking CBSI Hot 10 each Friday. Between that and reading the message boards here, I’ve found this to be pretty sufficient.

I use CLZ to track my collection (grandfathered). It’s only graded prices though.

I pay for covrprice and I sent them the csv outputted from CLZ. They “uploaded it” with a 50% miss rate. So I know what a random half of my raw collection is worth… not sure why I still pay for it! I’ll never have time to manually input everything to another service. Hopefully CLZ steps up their raw game!

Interesting info for a newbie speculator as myself needs , thanks to all who posted in this thread .

Simply assign a grade to your raw copies and put it in CLZ. If they ‘pop’, according to CLZ, you will then be informed of any price changes in your books, by CLZ. :+1: