How to locate obscure new Comics (like Entropy)

It doesn’t happen very often, but I have experienced a few comics that were nearly impossible to find because they were either very popular or very obscure. Because I live far enough away from a LCS that all of my comics come through pre-orders or eBay, I am hoping some of the more tenured participants on CHU could lend some insight as to how you go about tracking them down to order.

I attempted to use Previews at one point a few years ago and, to be fair, I should have spent more time researching the process, but overall it, well, sucked for me. Even then, there are so many titles with so many covers that they are not all listed, and most of the time there is no artwork to go along with it, sometimes all the way past FOC.

My current search is Entropy, from Heavy Metal Magazine. I “think” it is a comic, but cannot be sure, but the cover was by Barends, so I had to have one. I found it originally on Dark Dominion as a pre-order, but no #2 was available. I just saw that #3 and #4 are solicited on TFAW, but no #2. I contacted them and they said it was out of stock, but it was never available. Oh well, so I went to look elsewhere for #2…and nothing. I found a few cover images, looking to still be a cover by Barends, but no place to pre-order. As far as I can tell, it looks like it going to be released the first week in August, but I saw nothing about it.

How do you go about looking for books that do not seem to want to be found remotely and not searching the possibility at a LCS?

it doesnt come out till aug 3rd, than you can buy its from mcs, or straight from heavy metal

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Never buy anything directly from Heavy Metal. Their shipping speed and quality SUCKS!

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Entropy 1 and 2 were on TFAW. I was late getting to #1 though.

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Thanks! What’s funny is the first issue I had added on 6/8 and I didn’t see the second issue in the search. Maybe it was just them at that moment, but I will keep my eyes open. I am surprised that there aren’t any pre-sales for it anywhere though. Usually when a book is dropping soon, they show up on the bay, but not that issue.

Where else do you all look for hard to find books? I’m not talking about a honey hole, just a place where you know books can be found, even if it means they are a bit more.