Howl at the Moon! (My recent pick-ups)

Picked up a nice little lot at my shop. Obviously the “biggie” isn’t in there, but I was happy to get some nice keys & I got a very good deal on them all as a group. I love horror books in general. All of these are in great shape overall. While looking through, I noticed a preview for ole Brother Voodoo as well. It was in WWBN #9. Kind of a cool “predates Strangetales” scenario folks love to talk about.


You had much better success than I did with moon knight comics today. I ordered a lot of books advertised as NM sight unseen…several moon knight books, none of which are even VF…forget about NM or even NM-.

I was trying out a site/seller as an alternative to eBay…I have to say it was an epic fail. Will post more about it in my forum thread about alternatives to EBay later when I have all the pics laid out. It’ll be a good one.

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