Hulk #603

I noticed there has been a rash of sales for Hulk #603 (featuring Daken, Wolvie & Skaar) yesterday. Anyone know why?

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Wait to see what hot list it ends up on that’s who bought them lol


Just a guess… 1st Daken v. Skaar?

probably has to do with this

" * Hugh Jackman is one and done in the MCU. It sets up Daken to be the Wolverine character in the MCU**.**

  • Deadpool 3 is about father and son Logan and Daken. Logan doesn’t know he had a kid (made during the events of The Wolverine)."
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That would be the Wolverine Origins Deadpool run.

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My shop has 3 copies of the 1:10 cover (Skaar Zombie Variant) for $5ea.…watching…

My initial thoughts as well. :beers: