Hulu announces Ghost Rider Series (5/1/19)

Robbie Reyes Ghost Rider Series on Hulu. All-New Ghost Rider #1 might finally see some heat beyond the $10 mark.

I’m not sure how I feel about this. I like my Ghost Rider named Johnny and he rides a motorcycle.

I need to go down to my basement to see if I still have any copies of the Hastings Ghost Rider Variant left. I bought out the local Hastings of their comics and exclusives when they closed. I don’t care which Chist Rider it is. If I can find it and sell it I am happy. Not to mention the Nick Cage Ghost Riders didn’t do much of anything.

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We all know why the Cage movies didn’t do much for Ghost Rider… it was Nicholas Cage…

Nick Cage is an acquired taste but he has a inexplicable charm that can make even a terrible movie at least watchable.

That is true. I didn’t like him that much in Ghost Rider but I did enjoy him in National Treasure movies. Cheesy yet entertaining.

You have apparently, not seen “Between Worlds” … :grimacing:

Without Nick Cage those National Treasure movies would be unwatchable, he brings a zany fun to them for sure.

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Don’t forget “Gone in 60 seconds” or caught a glimpse of Nicholas Coppola in Fast Times in Ridgemont High.

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