I am in Cary North Carolina

Gonna go to some shops while I am down here. I am in the Cary area. I know Frankie’s Comics is just 3 miles from where I am. Any other good shops to hit?

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I think Ultimate Comics use to be around there. Its been years so not sure about their prices but remember they had a good back issue selection.

I think they are a 10 minute drive. Are they any good?

They will have a lot of incentives don’t really know as far as vintage based on their website.

I went to Ultimate Comics when i was working in NC. Mainly the store in Raleigh. Found a couple books. But not many. They tend to pull everything (ratios on release day are already marked way up), and that stores back issue was very mininal (store was on capital blvd).

My favorite place was Capitol Comics on Hollyridge Dr. So many long boxes to dig through. I found 2 copies of ultimate fallout 5 1:25 for $10 each, and a lot of other great spec books. Just google them and look at the pictures, and you will know it’s worth stopping by. They also have books on the wall above the boxes, and you can ask what their best price is and can haggle with them.

I live in Raleigh. Capital Comics is the better store in my opinion. Ultimate has a very good new issue selection but back issues are very picked over. They do a lot of flipping and marking up hot books. With that said, both places have nice owners and are good places , I just prefer Capital.

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I think Capital is like 20 minutes from where I am. Will check them out. Gonna try to hit all three.

If you are interested in digging and searching I forgot about Foundation’s Edge which is a shop near NC State. There is probably tons of gold to find at this shop but it requires work. Back issues aren’t organized great or treated impeccably. They also have good deals on older ratios but it’s the type of store if you know what to look for you can probably do well, just might take awhile. Store has been around forever and stuff is literally just piled all over the place.

Happy hunting.

I can attest to Foundations Edge requiring, probably, one full 12 hour day to go through. It is an old school 1980s disaster area with gold.
I was on vacation in May in Raleigh there. Picked up s few minor keys for very cheap but could not stay on account of family vacation

Man. I wish I had time to go there. My time is a premium with baseball games all weekend.