I Forgot I Had That!

This fell out of a pile of deck chairs while I was cleaning out the garage.

Thought it would be fun to start a thread where we show off issues we forgot we owned.


Would a more appropriate title be “how did that get there?!”

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My “I forgot I had that” was more that “I had no idea I had that!”

Detective 880. I picked it up Day of release but stopped reading comics the next issue (881) for several years…so when I got back into comics i discovered how popular a cover it was. Rummaged through some long boxes and when I didn’t find it thought i stopped reading prior to the issue…

So then I start strategizing how I’m going to earn cash to buy a copy because now I must have it.

About 6 months later I’m looking for another Detective issue and came across a few bags that I had shoved multiple books in…low and behold it was shoved in between two other issues (same bag). I Could not believe I had actually bought it off the rack. Surreal moment for sure.

Since then it’s been graded and despite coming back as a 9.2 (CBCS) it’s a 10.0 memory for me.


Very similar story to D-Rog. I stopped collecting for a good few years and after returning found out that John Constantine had become a thing.

Couldn’t even remember what books I had in addition to the early Moore issues. I was delighted to find I had kept going long enough to bag his first appearance, which CGC graded to a 9.6

A complete fluke and I didn’t even remember the character after originally reading it!

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I was going thru my boxes recently, and found out I have 2 Marvel Spotlight 5s and not 1! I have no recollection of buying a 2nd one.


I was cleaning up today making room to setup some 3d printers and what I thought was a box of metal toy soldiers was a box of graded comics. I have been so busy working out of state this year that they must have come and I just put it there and then forgot about them. They were Venom #4 3rd prints and Thor #5 1st prints.


6 Destroyer Ducks in the back back of my raw “to sell” box.
I knew I had a couple, but had gotten a bunch more at a yard sale for a buck or two many years ago.
They’re now pulled and in the “send for slab” pile being they’re all super high grade.


I never know if I’ll have time before a slab comes back. I’m always nervous to miss the hype moment.


W/o fast pass and w/press you’re waiting until mid to late 2022.

Don’t send anything in you’re flipping near term.


Need to make the reverse thread “I Thought I Had That”

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