I Like What I Got! (Foreign)

Love European horror books. The Spanish and Portuguese artists in the 70’s to early 80’s were the best

This mexican foil edition arrived today. Love it, the foil just makes this art pop, one of my fav Jim Lee covers, just looks so damn cool.


A friend was jn Mexico for La Mole comic con and was able to hook me up with this foreign reprint of the MGS comic. I already had the regular American variants except for the fox hound variant which is really pricey so I’m glad I was able to get this one


I love MGS and Ashley Wood artwork so I approve.

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Gold foil arrived today, it looks great

The collection is growing slowly, need to see what other versions I need to get.


One day, I’m going to post a pic of my French “Heir to the Empire” #1 hardcover. It’s awesome IMO

Did you know that there is a French version of “Heir to the Empire” that has a slipcase, gold logo #1 and variant (has C’Baoth on the cover) hardcovers? I got lucky and had a connection that had one and sold it to me. Very happy with it!


I’ve never heard of Blu-Box. I see they have an eBay shop, that where you buy from or do they have a direct shop?

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I think you can order from their german website, but I’ve gotten mine from their ebay store. It’s worth keeping an eye out for when they drop something new.

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And CGC will now Universal label the blu box books with handwritten numbering.




Show, don’t just tell!

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I buy from their Ebay store

Link please?


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Bought this (First Deaths Head) within a lot of other Transformers UK, shipped from England, which I’ll add below.

Tough book to get in higher grades (forget about NM), as it is/was popular in the UK for kids to write their name on comics.

I had bought a high grade copy a few years back, but the seller tore the cover when packaging it up…and shipped it to me anyway…they reluctantly gave me a discount, but been waiting for the right price to replace that copy. So I’ll put up my damaged one for sale to offset what I paid for this one.


I’ve always liked this cover for its homage of Batman 232. In fact there are a few covers in this run that are homages to popular books…

Unlike the US Marvel run, the UK had Christmas issue which had some fun covers.

Issue 54 contained an “insert” which was a poster/booklet that technically is the first appearance of many of the “Special Teams” transformers, such as Stunticons, Combaticons, Arialbots and Protectobots. This predates the American comic debuts of these characters by several months.

Issues 63 and 64 were the first regular (non-insert) appearances, which also predates the American issues by weeks to months as well.

It’s not easy to find issue 14 with the insert still intact.

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Octane and Blitzwing (Decepticon Triple Changers) debuted in issue 88. Issue 123 is just a cool cover.

Sandstorm and Broadside (Autobot triple changers) debuted in issue 84. It has a cool Galvatron cover. So does issue 118z

Deaths Head covers. And some other covers I liked.

Wrap around covers

And a little bondage cover…:grin: