I Like What You Got! (10/23)


What are people picking up this week?

Myself, I grabbed a copy of BMB 37A (already flipped on eBay). It was riddled with spine ticks (which was disclosed in my auction w/pic included).

My local shop had 3 copies of the King Thor #1 2nd print…usually they do not order 2nds if Marvel…liked the cover but passed.

Will list more later as I have another shop to hit on the way home.

My wife is out hunting for me since I’m at work. I’ll post what she was able to get once I get home.

Found 2 BMB #37 and grabbed the one with only 1 spine tick. Also picked up IH #25 Ross cvr. Small week, easy on the wallet.

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Got this today. Super glossy and white pages! Bought it as a fine but it looked to have a lot of very pressible defects. That was the case! Pressed it and 90% of all those defects are now gone! I would now put this at a solid VF+ maybe as high as a 9.0!

I picked this up today for shits and giggles, and my McFarlane PC.

Easier to add photos than list them out.

Already sold two of the BMB37s.

This arrived today. Won’t win any measuring contests with this one. More of a “just want to have it in my collections” type of purchase. This was lower on my radar because the price has been spiking quite a bit the past year or so with standard speculation. Anyway, found this for $36 after shipping which seems to be about half the going rate (on Ebay anyway) for a low grade, give or take. This issue is a Good 2.0 at best and a press won’t help it one bit. Didn’t even want to take it out of the bag for the photo since there is a spine split at the bottom and didn’t want to take a chance and make it worse. Still, nice to have one in any grade!

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1st Mephisto. Nice. I have a strong feeling that we are going to be introduced to Mephisto in the MCU im the not too distant future

I think Marvel will introduce him into the MCU at some point as well. This book always had a price with it, but wow, it started spiking a lot lately! For anyone looking for this book, if you can find a good deal, grab it, even in very low grade!