I Like What You Got! (9/11)


What are you guys/gals picking up this week? Anything impossible to find out there? Any good stories? Here’s where you can tell all!!

God bless the victims, survivors and first responders to the horrific events of 9/11 2001


Here are some of this weeks pick ups so far. Solid mid grades of some pretty cool Marvel bronze age horror. Worth it jut for the cover art!

I got this in the mail today when I got home from work.


Instant classic cover!

It’s a nice cover. It also came back with a blue label instead of Green since its signed by McFarlane. Which I found it weird…

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They f’d that up, but it’s probably not worth sending back just to get the green label of death anyway…

@Gbess the rare error CGC book!!! Did you get the McFarlane sig in person? Meeting the Toddfather is on my bucket list. Hes the only creator who I want a signature from. I think Id get him to sign either my Spawn #1 newsstand or an ASM316.

fear 11 is a great spec book, jennifer kale is a likely mcu addition with them going monsters

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Yeah I don’t want the green label of death lol

Yeah I got to meet him at this year’s SDCC. I got my ASM 298, and 299 as well as my Spawn 1 and first series Spawn figure. To tell you that I waited in line each day (except Friday) To get something signed lol. The best moment was when Todd offered my youngest boy a candy and my boy was on his DS and ignored him. After a couple of seconds my boy took the candy and said “Thank you.” One of the guys that was helping Todd said for him to sell it on eBay. Everyone was laughing. The next day I went to get more stuff signed when Todd asked my boy if he remembered him. My boy said “no” Todd told him that he was the guy who gave him the candy and if he has ate the candy? My boy said “oh yeah. Yeah I ate it, it was good.” I’ve waited about 20 years to meet him and to get this memory out of it. Well worth it.

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Yeah, I’m hearing that as well. #11 is pretty cheap for the most part. Might get a higher grade is one pops up but this one isn’t too bad at all.

nm are extremely hard finds. plus print run isnt very high for that age book

I’m hoping a Fn/VF to VF with pressible defects shows up at a good price.

Was out of town this week and was able to hit up a comic book store that I never been to before.

Had some time to kill and looked through their back stock boxes and was shocked to find the following:

Akira (Epic Comics) #31, #32, #33, #34 for $6 each

Ronin 5 (Marvel Comics) #4 (Psylocke Aja variant) and #3 (Punisher Aja variant) for $6 each! Both are mint condition and couldn’t be happier to find them!

Was also able to get some high grade Alan Moore Swamp Thing books to fills some holes in my collection.

Good hunting everyone!


Great deal!

I sold my set of Ronin 5 David Aja variants (all NM or better) for $150 a few months back. It
Was hard to do as I am a big fan of Aja and loved that series…but I needed to fund my FF 49 purchase.

Yeah, but a freakin FF #49! That’s a big key that will be huge not too far down the line!

Oh, I didn’t look back!

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Some of what I got this week.

A few more newsstands.