I like what you got (9/24)

Good week for spec finds! Last Friday, was able to get Spider-Girl #59 (1st Benjy Parker)-2 copies for $3 each! Sold the first one for $45 and have the other up for sale also. One of the best scores in a while.

Was able to also get two copies of the new Blade Runner series #1 (Artgerm variant) for cover price. Has anyone else seen how these are now selling for $15-$19? When the series came out these were all over the place and now I sell them whenever I can find them. BTW, I would recommend the series, it’s a great read.

With the news regarding Moon Knight series on the way, was able to get a Marvel Preview #21. I’m always suspect with older Marvel magazines when I buy them online, but the book got delivered yesterday and it is beautiful NM+ condition! Going into the PC with my Spotlights and Hulk magazines.

Good hunting everyone!

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picked up this sweetness at my LCS for $5 today.

They accidentally put it out on the shelf with the regular copies…but it didn’t have a price so when they looked it up on midtown ($85 and sold out) I nearly gasped…but they laughed and said $5.

I was willing to pay $20 as that is the going online price…it’s for the PC though as Dark Crystal is one of my favorite movies as a kid and I’m enjoying the Netflix series as well.

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Also grabbed
Captain Marvel 20 & 21 (x2 Big Mother)
Red Hood 38A
Harleen #1A
BM White Knight 3B
Action Comics #1015A
True Believers Red Hulk
True Believers Devil Hulk
Moon Girl 47
And 100 backing boards. Total damage $45 today.

Awesome find! Congrats!

I was able today to get that book and also the 1:25 Tong variant for cover each. Store had them out on the shelf with all the other copies. I ended up paying more for the Ward unlocked retailer variant!

Just got the Avengers #23 in the mail a few days ago and the Moon Knight #25 arrived a couple of weeks ago.

Nice MN25. What do you think it will grade? Looks clean!

Thanks! I bought is as a “higher grade” The photos looks as though it was probably a 7.5 to 8.0. It looked as though it had a bunch of non-color breaking wear from the pictures (small dents in the cover from being handled and some stress on the spine that didn’t break color). Luckily that was the case. I pressed it and it came out very nice! There is just one small/light crease that breaks color on the bottom right front corner and one stress mark on the spine that breaks color. Outside of that very minimal wear remains. The back cover is very nice as well, just a tiny amount of soiling/dirt toward the top. I would put it at a 9.2. Maybe a chance at a 9.4.

Some of today’s pickups…for half cover!

This came the other day. Just love early silver age Avengers issues! Gave this one a press and I think it is a strong candidate for a fine plus 6.5 if I ever send it in to CGC or CBCS.

Bit of a back story. I slowed down collecting about 10 years ago and sold a lot of key books due to financial reasons. No book in my collection was sacred from my 30 year collection. If I could make some good profit, it got sold. Around two years ago I stopped needing to sell to supplement my income.

This year things are looking good and I am looking to replace my Swamp Thing collection. First book purchased arrived this past Monday.



Not a bad book to re-start with at all!

Awesome pick up!

I’ve also started going back to fill in the gaps in this great Alan Moore series. I’m always surprised that these books don’t go for more. With the interest in horror comic books in general, beautiful artwork and dark covers from the 1980’s, first appearances (Constantine, Dark League), and Alan Moore stories you would think these books would be in higher demand.

Good luck with getting the rest of the run!