I Like What You Got! (Magazines)


With all the “I like what you got” threads, how do we not have a magazine theme?

Personally with it being harder to fine spec in the wild these days, I’ve started to dabble a little in magazine spec, somewhat of an untapped resource in the shadow of comics.

There are also “magazine size” comics. Like Marvel UK or some original TPBs/HCs. They are welcome too.

Found these at an LCS still on a magazine rack. Paid cover.

These have comic strips in them which sometimes have first appearances of characters. Checking them over, but probably will list them as a bundle.


I think this may be the first cover featuring the grand inquisitor.

Saving the best for last. This book has predates Kanan #1, and has an original story/art featuring the Rebels characters. So technically Kanan #1 is the first in comic format….not true first in stories.

Market doesn’t care too much, but it’s a nice find for the PC, nonetheless.


I got a lifetime subscription to Rolling Stone when they offered it back in the mid-00’s. Got a fat stack of them somewhere of the issues I thought were cool and kept versus the ones I recycled. I also have the old issues of Play magazine that had Ashley Wood Popbot comics that were randomly never reprinted to my knowledge. I like random magazines.