I Like What You Got [They know US Well/Friends, Gift, Hookup Edition]

Since we have a bunch of “I Like what you got” threads but don’t have one regarding gifts/hookups from friends/coworkers I’d add it to the mix.

A Coworker recently gifted me this. :slight_smile: Not bragging but I was surprised one of them knew me well…


Nice! I’ve had my eye on FF silver/bronze Doom covers.

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I dont have any of those kind of coworkers lol… Nice gift

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He was asking me where to sell them but everyone was offering him peanuts. I asked what he wanted and he said $10 each. I was like cool, I’ll take them. Later on he brought him and I asked him if he wanted cash or venmo and he said not to insult him that they were a gift to me. I asked why, and he said he already had FF in an OMNIBUS format. Seems like what I what I want to do to my Ms. Marvel (Vol 1) and Captain Marvel (Carol) collection… I need to find the best way to get something for what I got or find some little kid to give them to so they can enjoy them