I Stand With Hong Kong

I dislike corporations backing down from China due to money instead of standing up for what’s actually right. Freedom of thoughts, expression and speech is more important than profits.

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The heads of far too many US corporations and entertainment studios love money more than any kind of morality or values They will eagerly sell their souls, not only to China but the highest bidder anywhere. :money_mouth_face:


I can see that as well. Although I think they cast the Ancient One well as the actress is great, I really would like to see more natives when movies cast in certain areas. If ya film a movie about an Indian, is it so hard to find a talented Indian to act the part? I think some movie studios only go for the bigger named actors and actresses to draw in more viewers to boost more revenue but you know, I almost like the unknown actors and actresses…

All were unknown once …

Tis is true… keep bringing in more unknowns in big movies, give more actors a chance I say… I don’t need to see the same guy doing the same action movie over and over again with just a different title… :slight_smile:

Do we think this issue/variant cover will be sought after by collectors? Maybe people wanting the artist/writer to write/personalize “The Future is Young” with their signatures?

Book comes out next week.

You mean you don’t want Will Smith to play the lead in a autobiographic life of Carrot Top movie or something?..then a few weeks later play the lead in a generic comedy buddy cop movie…then a few weeks later play the lead in a roller coaster coming, of age, comedy, sci fi buddy cop movie…then a few weeks later, comedy Pirates buddies or something…Then a few weeks later maybe Cowboy buddies (with Carrot Top)…

Oh well, if it’s Will Smith he can play every male main role and I’d be happy… :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess you missed ‘After Earth’ … the Fresh Prince was not that Fresh … :no_mouth:

Oh I didn’t even bother with it… That wasn’t a movie…

Year of the Chicken Man!