Ice Cream Man #20 (2nd)

I would typically pass, but I actually enjoy this book & love that they are keeping the Dr. Seuss theme going!


Another hot one!

I still need to get a #19 to complete the ongoing run of books.

Can you pre-order yet?

Great catch. I will keep an eye out for it to be listed.

3rd print just went live. Sanctorum. TFAW. UNKNOWN not good with direct links

I don’t see it on TFAW. Must’ve sold out already.

@Comp82 I’ve been looking pretty routinely for it on TFAW from the time I heard it announced without luck. I don’t know that it ever showed up on there.

Ah ok. Spidey mentioned them do I assume he saw it.

It does take a few days for things to pop up on TFAW. I’m waiting on the 2nd print off We only find them when they are dead to pop up too.

Well I spend through each site to see if they had it. SANCTORUM advertised it. I could have sworn I seen on Tfaw but they hardly have covers so I may have misread it. And unknowncomics has it amd so does nycollectorcave

Best part is it comes out the same week as Spawn 310…so combine orders do that it ships in a box!!

They added it shortly after I commented. You just were a bit early but they added it.

Ok copy. Good lookin. Added 1 since i ordered the spawn and a couple other issues.