Ice Cream Man #21 Exclusive(s?)

Saw this on CBSI, so I presume everyone else has seen it, but if not (they are also running a giveaway for a copy

Box of Comix Ice Cream Man #21 exclusive


Why even do an exclusive if it’s not going to be anything special.


I haven’t visited CBSI in a long, long time. It’s an absolute garbage site.

At least get some better artwork… it’s like that Comic Mint exclusive for We Live… just awful… awful…

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After Ice Cream Man 20 variant blew up, future issues will get hype

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It blew up because it was a cool/original concept. I’m shocked they haven’t announced a 4th print. That Seuss stuff is gold.


Since there’s gonna be more Seuss movies, Im surprised too.

They should just keep doing Seuss covers for additional prints until they’ve done them all…


It seems like they should have looked for other, related inspiration given that! (rather, than, say this one). A december one based on that old rudolf cartoon (the one with cornelius and the dentist elf) would sell I bet.

Yeah, a stop-motion photo cover!


Since those involved with the production had no idea of the future value of the stop-motion puppet figures used in the production, many were not preserved. Rankin claimed in 2007 to be in possession of an original Rudolph figure.[10] Nine other puppets—including Santa and young Rudolph—were given to a secretary, who gave them to family members. Eventually seven were discarded.[10] In 2005, the remaining two puppets of Rudolph and Santa were appraised on Antiques Roadshow ; the episode aired in 2006 on PBS. At that time, their appraised value was between $8,000 and $10,000. The puppets had been damaged through years of rough handling by children and storage in an attic.[11] Toy aficionado Kevin Kriess bought Santa and Rudolph in 2005; in 2007, he had both puppets restored by Screen Novelties, a Los Angeles-based collective of film directors specializing in stop motion animation with puppet fabricator Robin Walsh leading the project.[10][12] The figures have been shown at conventions since then;[13] they are expected to be auctioned in November 2020.[14][15]


Wow! That’s fascinating!

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HUP the Sorrentino B cover for Ice Cream Man 21 does look sick.