Ice Cream Man one per store foil variant

Be on the lookout tomorrow for the Ice Cream man quarantine comix special one per store foil.


Geez Alana, now all the retailers who lurk here know to yank it from their stack to jack the prices up… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Looks like most listings are at $50 and up…

I don’t have an LCS to visit without a boat or plane so you can all suffer like me :japanese_ogre:

Suffer? I’ve been to Maui… there’s no suffering in paradise… I wouldn’t even worry about comics if I lived there. :wink:


I’d kill to be on an island away from air trying to kill me right now!


It’s not what it’s cracked up to be we breathe in sulfur from a volcano daily and up to about two years ago they would be burning sugar cane daily to refine it as well as burning sections of the island in controlled burns to harvest it. Then we got Monsanto and their illegal pesticides a few miles down wind. Also no in and out burger :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thats a deal breaker for me

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Such a good burger but with this quarantine the always insane drive through lines are super insane now…May have to brave it…Been a few months since I had a double double and lemonade.

Dammit…I didn’t want to go out tomorrow. Kids have zoom learning until half hour after the store opens,will likely be gone by then IF they even put it out…

Then don’t… don’t let FOMO take over… fight it, you can do it… resist the urge of leaving the house to grab a book that will likely be $10 in 6 months :wink:

Yeah…it doesn’t really excite me. Like the Seuss books better.

If I come across it, great. If not. Meh.

Request submitted to my cover price LCS retailer. Hopefully he comes through. This guy has gotten me:

  1. Negan Lives 1 per store foil;
  2. Last Ronin 1 per store foil;
  3. Firepower 1 per store foil;
  4. Wynd 1 per store;
    the list goes on and on into the past 5 years or so.

You realize this is from a few months ago?

No. No I did not. God, I am not paying attention to anything right now. I’ll just show myself out.


I have land in Nardia that in willing to trade for your entire comic/toy collection.