I'd say it's exceedingly likely Spawn shows up in Crossover #3

Cover B Mc Farlane

‘KIDS LOVE CHAINS,’ Part Three-Monsters and robots falling from the sky! Mysterious (and familiar??) superheroes joining our intrepid gang on their journey to event ground zero! CROSSOVER continues with the series’ most explosive and shocking issue to date! Don’t miss this one, folks. If you do, it just might drive you…mad.

It’s also safe to say ALL Image characters will show up eventually.


Yeah, probably.

Ya’ll read the main site still right? I pointed this out in the comments from the previews… I held off to see if anyone would notice a certain… “individual” from the spoiler pages… he’s technically already showed up in Crossover #2. :wink:

Here’s the image everyone should notice… :wink:



Nice. Cameo! Interested in the other hands, too though.

A part of me hopes Cates pulled some strings with Marvel and someone from Marvel actually shows up, or DC, or any publisher besides Image to make this a truly mind-blowing crossover comic. The odds are 99.9% against this, of course.

Posted on the well-known British rumor site that our admins dislike, but I’m sharing anyway. I think we all knew the print runs would be be high, but this is higher than I would’ve guessed.

Image is closing out 2020 on a high note by sending the industry all atwitter over Crossover #3—and a little bird has told me that this third issue in the hottest series of the year, nay decade, has closed out its orders at just shy of 100K—nearly doubling the order number that came in for issue #2.

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Bravo, young Meastro. Bravo.

Cates is the ultimate hype man. We will see if the numbers are similar for issue #6 since he hyped 3 and 6 on Twitter.

If you were writing a comic book, wouldn’t you “hype” or market it yourself on twitter and other social platforms? The more copies bought, the more money earned. :wink:

LOTS of writers/artists do just fine with the minimal approach to getting the word out about upcoming projects…

To be fair, it works. A lot of creators are more “hands off” the process in terms of promotion or selling books. Shops love when they think a creator is talking to them or helping them know what’s coming up. Plus him always being positive does have an impact on how shop owners view him. He’s just a fun, nice guy.

You catch more flies with honey, as the saying goes.

Yes, but how do you get rid of flies?

That’s fine for some. If you’ve ever met Donny (and talked to him for more than a few minutes), he’s very eccentric and I think he truly loves doing what he’s doing now. He’s the ultimate comic book reader and fanboy (having worked at a shop before becoming a writer) turned comic book writer…

Not to get political but that fly I would have used the biggest bat I could find and just take two flies out in one swat… :wink:


I’m so glad I have 2 copies of that Gallagher variant of #1 so that I won’t feel bad selling one down the line of it really blows up. I thought issue 1 was meh though… I feel like I learned more about Donny Cates than the characters or storyline. Hope #2 sets things right.

I enjoyed 2 more than 1.

I’d agree, 2 builds onto the story to get a better picture of which direction he was headed…

I just read issue 2 and it seems to be building to be pretty interesting. I am hopeful this may be a cool story. Slight Spoiler—- sorry just in case you haven’t read it yet. Was anyone able to make out all the characters in the jail? I made out Batman, Wonder Woman, and across the way we had an up close look of the Thing’s hands. The cell next to Wonder Woman is right on the crease, so I can’t make that out. Looks like below Batman’s cell might have been an old Captain Cold or Dove from Hawk and Dove? Then the next page that has Spawn- looks like Spider-Man next to him, but I couldn’t make out who the 4 sets of hands belong to. Anyone have any guesses?