IDW NYCC 2021 exclusive variants

Weren’t some of these very limited and hot out of the gate last year? Like Last Ronin and Usagi Wanders Road?

I’m referring to the books now being offered at discount from NYCC 2020.

Last ronin #1 sold out while I was playing with totals to get free shipping. Dang.

Usagi was red hot for a while there. Took forever for me to get my two copies though, and the heat had died way down. I sold my two copies, but if I remember correctly, I mostly just broke even on those.

10/7 seems to be relase date.

The heat already died from their last offering the sdcc variants from 2 months ago.

It doesn’t seem like any of these IDW exclusives are going to be any good. Maybe some artificial heat in the beginning but I’m not feeling any of these books at $10/$15 a pop.

Brilliant putting these up for sale on Thursday while NYCC is a couple hours already opened.
“Exclusive” used to be the definition of only being able to get the comic if you are an attendee at the convention now means the only ones who will have difficulty getting are the one that are actually at the Convention.

Friggin idiots

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Was thinking the same thing :rofl:
I’ll be one of those at NYCC so I’ll miss the IDW release but I’m really not interested in any of them anyways.

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