IDW’s doomed fate can only be saved by V-Wars

IDW Entertainment is reporting huge loses for a indie publisher of 3.5 million in the second quarter. This is directly effecting Wynonna Earp season 4 from starting to shoot as they have no money to pay the actors or crew. A lot of that money was poured into V-Wars and October Faction for Netflix which are both in post production. If these don’t become hits and get a go for a Netflix season 2 we may never see another IDW book ever again or Locke & Key which is in current production for Netflix from IDW.

I’d imagine IDW Entertainment has it’s own budget from IDW Publishing. I couldn’t imagine IDW Publishing would pour all of it’s revenue into the entertainment division they have going. I can also imagine they’re getting investors to fork a lot of that money over as well that’s being spent on the shows and movies they’re producing.

Where did you read about their losses?

I could be wrong, but I always thought the Company doing the production pays for the rights and picks up the tab for the actual production, and possibly throws a royalty of sorts to the Publisher/Creative Team … Netflix spends billions a year on Production Costs …

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Yeah, you have production companies but even those can have investors footing production bills and costs, etc. I can’t speak on all shows but the ones my wife has worked, sounds like a big bowl of spaghetti when it comes to production costs, money, etc.

I thought that IDW had some sort of connection with Disney/Marvel. Since they have some Star Wars and Spidey titles.

They obtain certain rights for certain comics. That’s the only connection I know they have.

They’ve reported a loss of revenue. If I’m reading it right, they’re paying off debts and had 9 million cash on April 30th.

I wouldn’t be worried, seems like business as usual for a public company (that doesn’t make billions like Amazon or Apple). I worked at a company that was public and never made profit and some how stayed in business for 16 years as a publicly traded company… :wink:

Oh look…IDW isnt dead…yet

" While the focus is on creating new comic book IP, following publishing of the comics, the IDW Entertainment Group will work to potentially develop the IP for film, television and other entertainment mediums the way the company has done in the past with such titles as Wynonna Earp and Locke & Key."

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Well, yikes. That is not good.

Wow. And they just moved from Liberty station to Mission valley. And they mission valley location is way smaller then the Liberty station one. Maybe I can stop by and ask for some books lol