If money was not an issue

And you could buy any comic and only one comic to have in your collection, what comic would that be and why?

You are limited to just the one though.

Action comics #1. First appearance of Superman. If money was no object I would have the greatest first appearance ever.

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May not be the highest value but I would want the Gaines file copy of Tales from the Crypt #34.
Love those books, the history, everything about it.


Immortal Hulk #7. Greatest Hulk book ever for my vote.

This is easy, “Werewolf by Night,” #32, the first appearance of Moon Knight.


My initial reaction was AF15, no brainer. But after reading @Anthony Supes’ answer, I may have to go with a tec27. Or maybe I get an Action #1 and sell it, then use the money to buy a tec27 and an AF15. :smiling_imp:. Having to choose one to keep in the PC, I am going for AF15. That is the book I have always wanted.

Chamber of Chills 19 comes to mind as well

Batman #1 1st Joker and Catwoman. I would choose this over tec, action, maybe I would take first Flash from Showcase or first Captain America over Batman #1.

… trick question? No real collector could ever have just be cool with only buying one,.forever lol… that’s just plain bad evil twisted tourtor :smiling_imp::books::no_entry_sign::smiling_imp:
I guess if it had to be ONLY OOOONE then it would probably have to beeee,. . .:thinking: . . The cleaniest,sharpest,straight off the press and still warm & most mintiest copy of either -Action Comics #1 (Superman) or
-Detective Comics #1(Batman) or
-Amazing Fantasy #15 (Spiderman) :smirk:
Id be happy with ither one of those three simply because their the top most expensive comic books in the world and if I could only have one then you best believe itll be one of the best ones ever!..
Juuuuuust incase i need to sell it :money_mouth_face:

(:clap::clap: good answer! good answer! :clap::clap:)

Batman made his 1st appearance in Detective Comics #27, @RonnyMac. That is definitely a holy grail that we would all cherish. And I agree, having to pick only one is basically torture. Soooo many great books!

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That’s why I’m asking… pick the one book that rules over them all for yourself. :slight_smile:

Exactly. So narrow down that list… if you could only pick one, which one would rule over all others? :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you pick based on value or do you pick based on personal favorite. That’s really what I’m looking out of it. If you’re the biggest Batman fan in the world, it should be a no brainer. If you just want the most priceless book, you pick Action Comics #1. I just want to see what type of collector you truly are… it’s like a psychological type of survey to understand how you think as a collector of comics. :slight_smile:

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Great survey @agentpoyo :+1:

Amazing Fantasy 15, but not if I had to buy it, more if I could get any comic for free. If money was no object and I had to plunk that amount down, I’d rather spend it on other things, and get a lower grade AF15. Not exactly the question, but still.

I know I’m a bit late with replying to this but I’ll have to think about what your asking me. But if anything I can tell you that I let my heart lead the way, my gut make the decisions and my logics make the final call. I’m not superficial or heartless when it comes to collecting. That’s exactly why I am a collector. I love it and take it personal. Your maybe the same. So whichever one overall comic that I’d end up with it would be a personal favorite. BUT then I go back to picking the most expensive and desirable cover incase i ever need to funds so,. Theres always that lol. Am I making sense or just rambling? I’m sure I’ve made typos and misspellings but I think you get what im trying to say here lol… at least I hope so!

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You mean I can never buy any comics again, or keep the ones in my collection?? Then I’m afraid I’d have to pass lol, I’d spend whatever’s it worth trying to reconstitute my runs.

With that said, if I could keep what I have and keep buying and this is a freebie, it’d have to be Amazing Fantasy 15. I’ve made peace that I’ll never own first Batman or Superman, but first Spider-Man in any grade would be really something.

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