If Rick Dies

I don’t read the Walking Dead anymore but in the latest issue, Rick gets shot and according to where the art portrayed the bullet hole, most people die from getting shot in that location.

So what’s others thoughts if Rick dies? Is the story over? Do they carry on without him? What happened to Kirkman’s original mission statement that this was not a book about zombies or a book about the apocalypse. It was a story about a man named Rick Grimes who happens to wake up from a coma in a world of zombies and the apocalypse who Kirkman claims he will write a story about as long as humanly possible…

I always stated that when Rick dies, the story is over. It’s just too bad it was over for me about 25 issues ago.

What’s others thoughts? We keep seeing the TV show numbers drop and the monthly issues print run keep dropping as well. Is the Walking Dead finally dead or on it’s death bed?

TV show didn’t end with him being off so I don’t see him dying in the comic ending it.

He’s not going back to the show though. The planned movies for AMC don’t count, those are just cash grabs… :wink:

I am going to overall agree, i think it’s on it’s last leg. The show still has viewers and book has a fanbase, but i think it will dwindle. Helluva run though! They created a global phenomenon and one of the most popular TV shows ever. I already miss the communal experience of discussing that latest ep of TWD with friends and co-workers (which stopped at least a season and a half ago).

But yes, without Rick I think it will accelerate the end, but certainly still gas left in the tank.

Walking Dead got old for me a couple of seasons ago. For those who still enjoy it I’m not trying to take anything away…I just feel they should have had a long and short term game plan depending on potential success when the show first started, meaning they should have had a concrete direction and a plan to end it after so many episodes/seasons. I just got bored is all.

Walking Dead #189 dropped to 30th in sales $ and units according to March Comichron with only 43,061comics.
That’s down in one year from being #11 in 2018 with 74,828
It’s the worst March for Walking Dead since 2012.

I’d like to see something get the interest back up. I would expect them to do something to boost things heading into issue 200.

I sold quite a few #192’s. People are betting on that issue being ricks confirmed death with possible other things happening. It is sold out @ Diamond so we might get a reprinting. Yes BJ: I ordered the blanks … I just love blanks for conventions.

I’m speculating that rick turns into a zombie :zombie:‍♂ and Carl puts him down(hence the cover art).

If that happens I’m calling issue 200 as the last issue. Or even Kirkman putting out “fake Diamond solicitation listings” and ending it with 192.

It’s dead at this point. I think it would take a new writer to renew interest. Kirkman is out of ideas, he’s just regurgitating the same 'ol stories. Zombies, War, Peace, Governor, War, Peace… rinse, recycle and repeat…

Kirkman is out of ideas, he’s just regurgitating the same 'ol stories. Zombies, War, Peace, Governor, War, Peace… rinse, recycle and repeat…

He could always work with Bendis now that Naomi and Batman and the Outsiders are heading down those paths.

It’s easy when you don’t have to be original. Try this

Divorced Dad (Tom Grady) working as a butcher with 3 girls with brown hair


Divorced woman (Naomi) with 3 boys whose hair is blonde.

They move in together and form a mixed family with a housekeeper who dates an architect since one parent can’t not work and still handle the house and kids alone. Think of all the situations they could entertain us with!!

We could even name the show after the dad!!! GRADY’s BUNCH!!!

Wait a minute… was that Naomi in Walking Dead #19? Is that her true first appearance? :wink:

Naomi is about the right age to be Michonne’s daughter. What was that, about 14 years ago when the baby was last seen?

It wasn’t a headshot, so Kirkman will go another 100 issues with the zany adventures of Zombie Rick.

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Haha… He could even make it so he teams up with the first Governor, they go eat people together!

Hopefully it’s over. I am still reading, but this new place with the new governor really is duplicative and not as good. Kirkman should move on to new endeavors.

He’s tried but has not seen the same success. Outcast was horrible. I gave it a shot, it was hard just getting to like issue #9 before I dropped it entirely and never turned back.

Oblivion Song he tried to use his name to make it successful but that seemed to have backfired I think.

His only other success has been Invincible I think. Between that and WD, he’s not that great of a writer. For WD, he stumbled upon a great concept around zombies and the apocalypse with a different take from the normal.

I think everything has pretty much been done before, most all stories are just re-hashes of a re-hash …

If Kirkman wants to liven up the WD Universe, he needs to delve into the cause of the Outbreak (which he claimed he would never do) and move a story arc into “A small group of dedicated Scientists and Researchers that have been feverishly slaving away in a secret underground bunker, trying as they might to Save Humanity …”

“Fear the Walking Dead” is actually a more interesting show, at least, IMO …

I was excited for Fear the Walking Dead. I was hoping it would have dragged out 2 or 3 seasons within the first 2 to 3 weeks of the outbreak. That seemed exciting to me. They moved too fast. It seems the people on the West Coast figured out zombies way faster than the group on the East coast and they got to the point that people were a bigger threat way to fast in my opinion.

But I’d be on board for having a story on the actual outbreak, maybe hints at what caused it, etc. The chaos of the outbreak is good story telling to me. The drawn out stories of people surviving gets old rather quickly now. If they started moving towards civilization rebuilding and finding a cure, that would be kind of cool but I it’s too late to draw readers and viewers back in at this point. The path to new world order in a civilized world is already past the point it could or would have already started.

At least the comic has not been restarted 5 different times with new #1s. They need to bring in the aliens and make it a alien and zombie apocalypse and take away from the dullness of the same old story.

Love your Avatar, Alana … :clap: