If Transformers #1 is a $1000 book

Maybe it’s time to sell my whole collection, this month my Transformers which I paid $10 free shipping for the polybagged 3 pack #1-#3 all mint wasn’t but maybe a year ago is now $1000 9.8 book. Also this month my Captain Britain #1 which is a good 9.8 candidate hits $3000 in 9.8 because Peggy says Braddock kind of silently in Endgame. Bought from eBay UK and shipped third party to me from a mobile game friend I’ve never met in the UK. He shipped me both #1 and #8 I paid $50 for # 1 and $70 for #8 another 9.8 candidate and about a total of $50 in shipping since both books were shipped twice. That was three or four years ago just those three books are a $5000+ bill together. Maybe it’s time to sell everything if three of what I consider my d listers pull in that it’s time to get paid.

Buy low, sell high. If you sit long enough, you might miss the best window of opportunity.

Transformers 9.8s have been in the $400+ for several years. It’s only recently I think newsstands have really jumped in price.

Not sure this comic will turn a corner and head back down unless the economy crashes. One of the most popular toys ever…and these record prices aren’t even being pushed by a movie or Disney acquiring the rights or whatever drives 90% of comic increases these days…

Check your comics…a lot of those multipacks were reprints…and you don’t know unless you open the first page and check out the indica.

Also, it’s only a matter of time before transformers and GIJoe are teamed up in a live action movie…so might want to consider that marvel mini series as a potential investment.

All transformers comics that are 9.8s seem to fetch $50 and up…the last issues in the series command $200+ in 9.8…believe me I’ve been trying to acquire them for years. I actually grabbed a 9.6 cbcs newsstand of #1 a few years ago for $55…might crack it and press it to take a shot at 9.8.

Thanks for the tip I didn’t even know there was later printings for the series. 2nd prints in 9.8 of #1 listed for almost $700 at mycomicshop not that far off.

I’ve seen the reprints of #1 in 9.8 listed on eBay for big money…presumably because they are rare. I’m not sure if I’ve ever witnessed a sale.

I think the Canadian price variant in 9.8 might be he rarest to find in high grade. That would be one to chase.