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Posted this in a Facebook group, and thought I would share it here too… : )

Being based in the UK, I recently ordered a Golden Age Action Comics #100. Got it for a decent price, but wasn’t too keen on the $60 USPS priority shipping fee.

I now understand it was a bit pricey as USPS was first taking it on a grand tour of the US before it left the country. Not quite sure who is looking after USPS logistics, but I suspect there might have been a slightly more direct route!

Now 10 days since it was posted and it is enjoying a second visit to LA…


Ha the $60 shipping must have been a price per mile kind of price.

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For those interested (and I don’t expect that to be many people : ), it has now left Los Angeles again and is in San Francisco. Lovely city, so I am quite jealous!

Considering the price of gas these days I say you got quite a steal for a $60 delivery fee :rofl:

Hopefully, it gets out of America sooner than later to start the trip to the UK!

Now that is a very fair point!

Yep, let’s hope so. I got excited when I saw it was at LAX, but alas that airport was not good enough for this golden age gem : )