Im creating my own rumor here 100 percent made up

mosiac will be the true villian behind avengers x-men eternals crossover
he possessed thanos grandfather
you cant have an major event with some inhuman involvement

lets see how long until it makes it way to the pumpers

I think Marvel has kind of dropped Inhumans as much of a focal point since they got X-Men rights back. Hm. Fun idea/made-up rumor, however.

Black Bolts going to be in DSMOM and is being played by the same actor. This is actually true not a rumor.


My wife and I are watching the Agents of Shield series from the beginning because we never watched it. I really like it…trying to figure out what they kept and what they got rid of in the MCU.

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First 2 seasons are really good and so is the Madame Hydra and Robbie Reyes seasons. Funny I just started watching Agent Carter only Marvel thing I never watched. Looking for hints of what direction the new Captain Carter in the MCU could take.