Im Looking to Trade for Detective Comics 359


As the title states, I’m looking to trade for a decent copy of Tec 359. It doesn’t need to be graded or even high grade. I would just prefer that it present decently well.

Being a DC guy primarily, I wouldn’t mind trading some Marvel keys away to snag a copy of the aforementioned book, but I’m also willing to trade some DC stuff away as well.

It’s tough to list everything I have, but please feel free to respond with what you’re looking for and/or the value you’d like to receive in return.

I am 100% positive feedback on Mercari and eBay.


Check out this item on OfferUp.

Not my book. But you can see if they will trade.

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Oh man, I wish. I might be able to put together a decent lot and then some cash on the side. Thanks for the lead!