Image moved F.O.C

My lcs let me know the other day that image’s f.o.c. is now sunday, and he didn’t know. I guess they assumed retailers would catch the new cutoff and order accordingly. I anticipate some hiccups over the next few weeks with under ordered image books

Image moved to Lunar. FOC date is still on Monday, according to their website.

Maybe its because im in Canada?

Previews website shows 9/10/23 for half of the titles

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Scrolling list from Lunar for the actual FOC. When a particular store chooses to call it so they have time to process the orders and get it submitted on time is up to them.

Im so confused by this. You can select your own foc?

Yes, a shop can call their own FOC prior to the distributor’s FOC. In some cases, where FOC falls on a Sunday, some shops might not work those days or find themselves trying to fulfill orders late Sunday nights. So they make their own FOC on Saturday the day before.

if you store is still ordering from diamond its sunday
2nd why should a store jump through hoops doing foc on sunday for dc and the other lunar indies and monday for image ?

And Monday’s for Penguin and Marvel, others? Stores can just have their own cutoff time for all that works for their own time. I know I wouldn’t want to stay up late punching in pre-orders late on a Sunday or Monday. I’d probably make it so I stop taking pre-orders on Saturday early evening, heck, even Friday. Weekends are to relax and take it easy…

There are no hoops to jump thru. We fill out all 3 companies FOC orders Thursday or Friday at our leisure. Anything after that up until each companies FOC closeoff time is a simple 2 minute visit to their website to adjust a number upwards and submit the FOC adjustment. It’s NOT hard to do by any means. Penguin Random House has FOC Monday night for Marvel, IDW, Dark Horse, Little Golden Books, DC Trades and all the other stuff they carry. Lunar has FOC on Sunday night for DC and a heard of small publishers, Monday night for Image. They provide an easy to look at scrolling list for each date you can access yourself from home to see what’s available. We dropped ordering from Diamond now but they have to order from Penguin Random House and Lunar to get all the biggest sellers so I expect they have FOC for stores set a day earlier so they can get their orders submitted in time. What’s important to you is knowing what day the store you order from wants to have final orders in by. There’s a chance you can ring the phone and I may answer Sunday at 10PM because you delayed deciding or forgot something but there’s no guarantee we’ll be available to pick up or have time to go back online and adjust for you. In most cases it only really matters for ratio’s anyway since we can frequently add on a few extra copies of anything open order for the next week or so and expect to get them for you from the overage the wholesalers order. If you spend 5 minutes Friday or Saturday morning checking out lunar’s FOC list each week and glancing thru Previewsworld you should know well ahead of time what you want in time to get your store to order them for you by closing Saturday or whenever they feel their done fiddling with the numbers for the week…Take this week for example. Bleeding Cool pointed out yesterday that New Golden Age is basically nothing more than a $5 reprint of something from last year with a few previews of 3 upcoming titles added so we cancelled all copies from Lunar’s order. Today CHU FOC seems to think there’s a 1st appearance in it and it’s spec worthy. Maybe I’ll add a few copies back on, maybe not since it’s hard to name a recent DC 1st that anyone even cares about, much less is spec worthy enough to pay for a reprint with some previews they should have made available for free at Batman Day, Halloween weekend or another way. You already can’t get the one book (JSA) published on time and now you’re hyping 3 more titles to add to the mix? Sounds like a recipe for future frustration and disappointment that shouldn’t be rewarded with paying money for a reprint.

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