Immortal Hulk #20 2nd Print


The cover to Immortal Hulk #20 (2nd print) was revealed a while back.

This is an interesting one because it’s Alex Ross pencils. There aren’t too many of those kinds of covers for him floating around (at least that I could find from a quick Google search).

Currently sold out on Midtown (with no picture). Ebay trying to push it to double cover.

Just a heads up on a potential book.


It’s in stock at Diamond right now if anyone needs their stores to order a copy for them. I didn’t order it initially due to the size of the order for standard covers and there’s already a black and white cover here now not selling from the convention. SDCC 2019 IMMORTAL HULK #20 ARTIST VAR


Yup, I’m doing a write up now.


Ooooh, one thing I forgot to mention is that this 2nd print book does not have a 1:25 ratio. Definitely a breath of fresh air (and a surprising one, too). Let’s hope Marvel doesn’t sneak something in like a 3rd print 1:25 pencils virgin.


Diamond is now out of stock so it appears we should be getting a Third Printing announced soon. It’s now the only issue you can’t order a 1st or later printing for from Diamond right now.

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