Immortal Hulk #20 2nd Print

The cover to Immortal Hulk #20 (2nd print) was revealed a while back.

This is an interesting one because it’s Alex Ross pencils. There aren’t too many of those kinds of covers for him floating around (at least that I could find from a quick Google search).

Currently sold out on Midtown (with no picture). Ebay trying to push it to double cover.

Just a heads up on a potential book.

It’s in stock at Diamond right now if anyone needs their stores to order a copy for them. I didn’t order it initially due to the size of the order for standard covers and there’s already a black and white cover here now not selling from the convention. SDCC 2019 IMMORTAL HULK #20 ARTIST VAR

Yup, I’m doing a write up now.

Ooooh, one thing I forgot to mention is that this 2nd print book does not have a 1:25 ratio. Definitely a breath of fresh air (and a surprising one, too). Let’s hope Marvel doesn’t sneak something in like a 3rd print 1:25 pencils virgin.

Diamond is now out of stock so it appears we should be getting a Third Printing announced soon. It’s now the only issue you can’t order a 1st or later printing for from Diamond right now.

Just picked up one of these off Mycomicshop. It appears that there is still one available.

This book is creeping up slowly sold one today for £9.99 or $12 so a good book to pick up for cover.

This continues to sit proudly on my bookshelf because it is just such a nice looking cover. I wonder if other issues will get a similar treatment at some point?

They are doing another sketch 2nd print.
Immortal Hulk #23 (2nd Printing Ross Variant)
16th October.