Immortal Hulk Great Power 1

What does everyone think about the upcoming Immortal Hulk Great Power issue #1 by Tyler Kirkham? Is this worth investing $60 for both covers?

You mean the variants that Tyler Kirkham is peddling on his Website … ??

I saw them on EBay. Was not sure if these were worth watching or not.


Unless there is a new character. I think Spider-Hulk and Venom-Hulk and Carnage-Hulk have all been done before.

Wait a month or Two and get them at half price…if you need to have the cover for the PC.

That’s what my crystal ball tells me, anyway.

no spec. Peter Parker goes back to normal and the Hulk is back in Banner by the end of the issue

I wouldn’t ‘invest’ my money in those books, @jimee11, but if you do like the cover art, as @D-Rog said above, there will be a 99% chance that you can pick them up in a few months at a discounted price, for your collection.

Your best bet would be to visit the artists personal website. I’ll bet they are cheaper there than they are on feebay.

Buy if you like the cover art but judging from past history on store or artists variants (particularly for Marvel), these dont usually make good investment books.

The pair on his website are $60.00

I don’t like paying over cover price for books unseen (I.e. no ideas what their condition is).

Cover art isn’t that bad. Is it worth $60 though? Not for me…

I like the cover art on those he’s selling on his website … just not $60 clams worth of like …