Immortal Hulk King In Black to be Textless

Talk about a silent night… Will feature Joefixit battling through a city of symbiotes with no words for the whole book. Could this be because Hulk gets a new symbiote himself? Take a look at the 3 page preview.

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Donny Cates said we aren’t ready for what’s about to happen with KIB but we’ll see.

Is that when he starts dressing and talking like Stan Lee while charging $150 for his autograph?

Well, I wasn’t ready for the disjointed, convoluted, conveniently written story that was Absolute Carnage. So, hopefully we get something good this time around. Cates’ has been dragging this never ending Knull/Dylan story for 2 years. Enough already, lol.


Maybe he kills Codex… all those people loading up on what will become dead spec, so yes, nobody is ready… :wink: