Immortal Hulk Reprints

Immortal Hulk reprints are being solicited for nearly every issue. Not to mention the introduction of reprint incentive variants… What do you think this will do to the value of first prints? Drive them up or drag them down?

Hard to tell at this point. I do feel the amount of reprints are a bit getting out of hand, particularly the ratio’d reprints. I think at some point a publisher just needs to tell retailers this is the final printing, wait for the trade.

I understand some just want to read it but honestly if I was a publisher, I would likely stop printing new printings after the first trade has already hit the shelves. Any orders for new prints, just point buyers to the trades.

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Marvel loves their cash grabs. They know there will be those who just want to read these issues without spending aftermarket prices, but they also know there are quite a few that will try to get as much of a complete set as possible. All these extra reprints are for those collectors. I don’t mind all that much right now, but it really is starting to get out of control. For me? I would think someone just getting into Immortal Hulk as a serious collector would go for the first print Ross covers before anything else even with the higher prices…A casual wouldn’t touch some of them because of those prices. I don’t think they will help or hurt the first print Ross covers at all.

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My experience many times over is it keeps the title in the public eye over and over again as thousands of stores advertise the order cutoff dates and arrivals so the titles start to get extra attention from people who wouldn’t have started if they hadn’t been aware of them from the extra exposure.

If they care about First Prints they’ll seek them out.

If they get hooked on the reprints they’ll be around the title longer giving them more chances to want Firsts.

I’ve also had them get the attention and then have the attention turn into a trade sale for IH so they could read now and chase 1sts over time.

Not to knock Bennett’s interiors on IH but I haven’t really liked them stealing the interior artwork to put on the additional printings.

There’s only been one additional print that caught my eye I really liked and had to have and that was issue #14 2nd print by Kyle Hotz.

I see BJ’s point on the reprints, but Dax’s statement of the introduction of incentive variants on the reprints is terrifying. This is such a foolish, short sighted and greedy move by Marvel…I don’t even know why I am surprised.

I like the idea of keeping hot books on the shelves with later prints. It is hard for a retailer to get people to read a comic if they only have two of the later issues on the shelves. And if they incentivize the stores for buying copies, I think both the stores and Marvel can win. However, not all stores will have sold out of a previous print of the book so not all stores will need to order the new reprints. What I am. It a big fan of is the store exclusives for the new reprints. They will get a bunch of the variants and essentially just flood the market.

I like reprints. The ratio ones I’m not a fan of. But honestly, like I said previously, if I was a publisher I’d stop new prints if the trade is out. If people are really wanting to read it and not just stuff away into a longbox, then I’d point retailers to just buy the trades and then it saves the readers money. They can buy the trades of the previous issues they don’t have, then pick up the singles to catch up.

The Trades for this series have been regularly sold out and hard to keep on the shelf.

The follwing collections with low inventory have gone back to press and will be back in stock at Diamond soon. Be sure to place your orders now so you can get them back on your shelves as soon as possible!

VOL. 2:


Immortal Hulk trade #2 just got solicited for reprint yesterday. I’m still waiting for more of #1 to arrive at least 2 weeks out.

A current list of the issues, variants and Diamond codes you can access more information about them with at

It’s not a complete list since I don’t have access to whatever’s come out as custom store variants, convention specials, etc…

If you know of others and want to contribute to it’s completeness so people who have questions about what has come out, feel free to add them. I’m not sure how the paste place works yet.

Diamond codes are useless for those without diamond accounts. :wink:

Actually if you type the Diamond code in the search box at it takes you to the issue. They also work for finding sale prices on the items in a google search at other retail sources. The Diamond order number can be seen here as the last set of numbers with 3 letter month code in front.

I know but is there a reason to post duplicate information here as such long lists? Did you see my post about linking to a shared PASTE url for these types of things. I guess I’m just not seeing the point in just a list of diamond codes with titles. Most if not all of us know how to find these books.

I was under the impression this side is still to be kept secret and the two places would operate independently of each other so some people may view discussions here, others there and if it has a Spoiler post or such maybe even a 3rd duplicate discussion taking place. This one in particular is just supposed to provide a simple list of the first and reprints which could be helpful since it’s the topic of the discussion.

This forum will become public, you all that are here now are here to just try things out, provide feedback but yes, post legit topics and comments.

I just don’t see any value of posting a huge list of Diamond Codes with Title Names unless someone is specifically asking for them in the comments.

They just seem, random and out of place. I say utilize if you want to share long texts of such nature.

@BJ and yes, you can also post a link to search results that provides the same list instead of a flat text base list with no links:

A link to the list at previews with actual links they provide is more useful than plain text links on another website that lead nowhere. :slight_smile:

Someone already asked if there were any other Virgins. If one person has questions others probably will at different times and different criteria like artist maybe. This discussion in particular is about the qty of reprints so having a list of how many there actually are seems relevant to the topic.

I tried it just now at Previewsworld directly which I’ve never done for a bulk search since I’m used to using Diamonds search feature and

The results are displayed out of order, a bit confusing and appear to have omitted some. It is a nice option to have another tool in the belt though.

Here’s another database type list but I know they routinely miss stuff unless the free help provides it and they will not tell you anything about anything that’s not already released so nothing for 17 up yet or any reprints that haven’t already shipped to stores.

Here’s another datastyle list
This one goes further than the other but nothing on 20 or the newest stuff yet.

No one stop one list has them all option appears to exist!!!

No need to guess, lets do the math.

Immortal Hulk #2 First Printing E-Bay sales not counting shipping, excluding best offer accepted and anything in a bundle or CGC’d.

Feb 2nd to Feb 11th–43 sold average sale price $44.20
Feb 12 to Feb 19 (3rd Printing release period) 45 copies sold average sale price $61.57

March 31 to April 8 – 22 copies sold average price $98.86
April 9 to 18 (4th Printing release period)–26 copies sold average sale price $93.95

I’m not an accountant so your math may vary.

It appears the 3rd printing did nothing to slow down sales or the escalation to the prices.

Prices do appear to have peaked by the time the 4th printing came out and there were a number of CGC copies starting to show up for those selling high end graded books in this period but overall demand stayed a bit higher with the 4th printing available and the average price certainly didn’t take a nose dive at this time either.

Of note, the Trade Paperback with #2 in it has also been available since November 11th without slowing this train down.

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They should stop doing so many of them soon. I mean how many more printings are we going to get. That being said I do get at least one of each printing. I still regret not buying any of the later printings of Saga #1.


Those are the only one’s left in stock right now stores can order from Diamond and that includes next weeks variant. Until demand at the stores dries keeping stores from buying out Diamonds supply, it looks like more will be needed to keep stores stocked.

There is another herd in progress that should arrive in a few weeks and I’ll have Vol1 of the trade arriving again finally next week.

Here’s a more complete list of what’s come out so far in case you missed any or found some that aren’t on the list I don’t know about.