Immortal Hulk: The Threshing Place

This wasn’t a horrible read and it did, in fact, have the 1st appearance of a new “monster”/“character” that could fall within the Immortal storyline down the road. I know some weren’t fans of the cover A which I get, but it really was a homage to the classic Universal Frankenstein film so in that regard it did make sense to have him drawn the way he was.

At any rate, decent story/read and is a 1st appearance of a Gamma character that could be seen in the future if they wanted. Worth the cover price in my opinion and it’s not hard to find or anything.

Seems some people were a little salty with me ragging on the regular cover as my drek pick, which was a drek due to the horrible looking Hulk…

But I expect nothing but awesomeness when Lemire is writing… :wink:


@agentpoyo Haha…I saw that…cracks me up how worked up people can get over such trivial things.

Don’t worry. It’s on the internet which makes your drek pick immortal itself, so when this book heats up and cover A is the winner, we’ll be sure to use your words against you in every way imaginable.

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Sweet, can’t wait. Like I already said though, it can become a billion dollar book… still doesn’t change the fact that the cover is fugly as all hell… :wink:

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The more grotesque hulk can be drawn, the more in-character it is likely to be.

There’s always that.

So is the cover fugly…or the hulk?

It looks like the offspring of a previous Hulk and The Thing…

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