Immortal She-Hulk Thoughts/Eweing and Cates

Not sure if anyone had a chance to read this issue yet. I really enjoyed it. Cool book and though provoking in terms of the Marvel Universe.
I won’t spoil anything, but I love when an issue incorporates recent events in other issues in a way that makes everything seem more important and “real”. I also like to see humanistic qualities in my superheroes.

It also seems to me that Eweing and Cates may be crafting a very large tale together. This Immortal Hulk, the below, one above, green door…it’s a very slow burn.

Anyway, just really enjoyed the issue personally and wondered what anyone else though.


I also thoroughly enjoyed the Immortal She-Hulk. It’s a shame she’s under Avengers editorial and largely unavailable for Ewing. Definitely a lot of potential for her involvement, and plenty more to come regarding TOBA/the Green Door.

That said, I’m not entirely sure how Cates ties into Ewing’s work - are you referring to the God of the Light? I’m not sure they’ll have any relation to TOAA or TOBA, but it’s too soon to tell.

I do find it an interesting contrast that Cates draws so heavily on Aaron’s work whereas Ewing seems to be trying to guide the Marvel universe in spite of it, even actively striving to explain or justify problematic elements - which TISH does wonderfully with Jen.

Looking forward to seeing how both of their current plot lines develop, but I see them as separate sagas so far, rather than anything intertwined.

This is where I think the tie in could be if people specing Franklin and Hulk King in black reprints mean something to the coming King in Black storyline.

Notice he is taken aback when he says he killed Franklin I dont think this event has ever really been further explained I haven’t read any Immortal Hulk lately though. But the circles of light look familiar.

I liked it and really felt they could have covered more of her deaths.

Yes. Hulk is totally tying in to the King in Black. The circles do look familiar.

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It was a great one-shot that put a lot of recent events in context when it comes to how they relate the Hulks and their immortality. The discussion scene with Wolverine and She-Hulk was very well done too. A stellar read that is basically mandatory if you’re following, “Immortal Hulk,” unlike some one-shots that were a little more ancillary.

@AMDP I was sort of referring to the whole Cates Thor run…I really liked the part where Thor shared his very recent experiences with Galactus with She-Hulk. Just made the Thor run seem more important and relevant to me. Not necessarily that they are collaborating I suppose, but they certainly pay attention to what one another is doing. The She Hulk had the very scenes we saw in Thor. Just something I like to see with comics personally.

True! It certainly cemented the current Cates run in the timeline. Galactus has been dying left, right and centre recently - glad to have it confirmed and chronicled by Ewing.

I’m still curious as to the wider repercussions of Galan’s demise. They briefly touched upon the chaos that would ensue with his passing in Waid’s Doctor Strange run last year. I can’t imagine Cates or Ewing would just let his death slide and not explore the universal ramifications.