Impact Winter

Have any of you listened to the Audible production called Impact Winter? It’s a freebie for Audible peeps. It’s not really an audiobook, as it’s got a full cast and production, similar to the Sandman production that came out a while back. It’s more TV than book. It’s about vampires and such, and I really enjoyed it.

After some digging, I discovered that it was produced by Skybound Entertainment/Robert Kirkman, and there’s a prequel comic coming out in July. I dig the multimedia approach here.


That’s pretty sweet. I love that Hollingsworth’s attached to it. I wonder if it will ever heat up. What Skybound property has been good spec recently? Oblivion Song, kinda?

Probably not, but it was a seriously entertaining listen. A comet impact blacked out the sky, and with that the actually real vampires climbed out of the shadows. I’m in for a copy on that alone. :slight_smile:

Liam Cunningham is one of the voice actors (Davos from Game of Thrones).

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Walking Dead Vampires…:100:


Just wait for the zombie vampire werewolves… coming soon.

Can you even have a zombie vampire? The zombie is already undead, so I am not sure the “bite” would turn it, and I am certain the vampire couldn’t become a zombie. Now the werewolf could become a zombie and could become a vampire. I guess plausible a vampire could become a werewolf, but I don’t think a zombie could become a werewolf.

What we need is a vampire werewolf lich…then one could imagine them making the others plausible. I digress…

What about a vampire who was killed with a wooden stake and then somehow reanimated with a zombie virus?


Now we’re talkin. But, does the reanimated vampbie’s bite turn you into a vamp or a zombie? Or maybe for some strange reason… a werewolf?!?!?

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I think it depends on the circumstances. From my understanding vampires need to be created through a specific ritual to “birth” a new vampire. Otherwise all of their meals would just be more vampires. On the other hand, all zombie bites result in death then reanimating as a zombie.

So, there would need to be an intentional biting, draining of the blood, burying in a grave, and sleeping next to the “parent” vampire for a vampire to result from a bite. If the victim is just bitten and abandoned- zombie.

Zampires and Vombies!

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You’ve stumbled upon the next million dollar multimedia idea. Start writing, DW.

That would only make sense if they were mummified first.

Don’t you even think about bringing mummies into this. We’re so close to cracking the code.

What if mummies are so old, they created that code?

Mummies are so old, during history class they just wrote down what they were doing that day!


This just won you, your “dad joke badge.” :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Who woulda thunk a mummies diary is now our history books. Crazy world.

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Just to circle back on this. I grabbed Impact Winter 1 today, and it’s really a solid prequel to the audiobook. They work together better than I thought. Hey Kirkman. Turn this into a regular ongoing series. Then make it a TV show. :slight_smile:

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I really liked the Impact Winter one shot.

Also I remember an old cartoon where a Vampire bit a Werewolf and the Werewolf bit a Vampire and they were turning each other into some kinda hybrid thing. No mummies, no zombies, and no Frankenstein Monsters (I really just wanted to say no Frankensteins, but, you know)


An update here. Part two of the Impact Winter audio production is out on Audible, and the accompanying one-shot comic hit last week. Both are absolutely fantastic. I’m loving the mixed media approach here. It’s a great story, and I hope they eventually make this a movie or three.

Highly recommended if you dig vampire stories! But, do the audio productions first.